February 2010

Swagbucks has just celebrated it’s 2nd birthday and has some cool new features. For one, you can now earn WAY more points for searching and you can win more often> Check this, I won 3 times in one day, 10 bucks each time!! Usually I only win 1, once every other day. This is so neat!!

I love this website. It’s partnered with Google.com and Ask.com to bring some awesome search results for you AND giving you “prize money” (called Swagbucks) just for searching!! You can then trade in those bucks for prizes!!
The coolest part, it’s free AND anti-spam. I got a whole new email account to use when I signed up for this website because I expected spam and 3 weeks later..still none.
It’s pretty neat. I currently have 220 swagbucks and constantly counting!!

Search & Win

So the reasons I’m posting about this, I actually have two reasons.

One is this. I want you to sign up. Give it a “trial run”. Set it as your internet homepage and use it to do all your searches. When you want to go to a website, just type the website into the swagbucks searchbar. Use it for everything. If after a month, you think it’s stupid and really hate it, then ditch it! Yes, if you sign up through my link, I will get referral points, I won’t lie, but it’s really very nice. Especially if you learn to love it and you then in turn get referrals and you will get referral bucks!!

The 2nd reason: I really want to have a searchfest and I need topics. I want to do this
A) To of course learn new things about new topics, I’m weird like that.
B) Maybe (hopefully!) earn some swagbucks in the process.

So I really would love some comments on topics to search about!! Keep it clean please!
I will be giving a small prize to the commenter whose topic won swagbucks and is drawn to win.
Example: I get 10 topics from 10 different commenters. 4 of those topics win me swagbucks. I will put those 4 commenters names in a random number generator and one winner will be chosen.

The winner will recieve a Target Giftcard for $5. Take 5 seconds of your time to give me one topic and you could win $5 toward your next purchase at any Target store or Target.com. 

I’ll let you all know the winner after my Searching Blitz is over.
My Searching Blitz will begin Sunday at 12:00 p.m. (noon) and end on Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 12:00 a.m. (midnight).
Between now and Tuesday evening, comment about topics I should search!

I will announce the winner on Wednesday by 10:00 p.m. In the meantime, join Swagbucks.com by using the following button.

Search & Win


Please note, all times are Central Standard Time.


I hosted a Partylite party at my place last night!! It was soo much fun to have a few girls over and relax!

I recommend, especially being a direct sales consultant, that if you will be doing a house party for a different company choose partylite. Their rewards program is very nice and they sell quality candles.
I can’t wait to choose the free/half price stuff. And since I hosted in February I will be getting a deal for 75 candles for $15. You can’t even get candles that cheap at Wal-Mart, let alone of that quality.

If you need some great candles, check out my consultant’s website. You can actually order from my show if you click “Shop” then right after that, there will be a blue bar that says “Shopping for a Show? If you were invited to one of my Shows and wish to order, look up your host>>”, then you’ll click that link and type in “Shelby Michalek” as the host name. Choose “Shelby M.” from the list and then go shopping!! You can have everything directly shipped to you!!! I would love it if you would help my show out, especially if you need to buy some new candles anyway 😀
My party will be closing on March 3rd, so choosing me as the host will only be available until then.

Here’s the website http://www.partylite.biz/brendajean


It’s Thursday!!
I just want to talk once again about one of the many things I LOVE.
I want to dedicate this blog to friends. No, not the 90’s sitcom starring a 6 friends in Manhatten. This is to the real true friends we all have and can count on in times of need. Since graduating high school, getting married and having my son, many of my “old” friends have left me behind to pursue a different lifestyle of college, partying, etc. I’ve recently found a really wonderful new group of friends.

I’m a self employed direct sales consultant working with a company that I really love. Along with this company comes an abundance of support. I joined a forum of other consultants originally to use ideas and get advice. I didn’t expect I would make so many friends out of the deal. That $5 has gone a long way. Thank you friends, you know who you are.

Shelby (aka: “Gracie”)

Readers! Again I would love some input. Please comment and tell me how a friend may have touched your life or helped you out when you least expected it.

So in an earlier post I mentioned that I have my own business with a direct selling company. Due to company policy I can not disclose which company but I will hint again that I’m an Independent consultant and I sell some really awesome cooking gadgets/products by a very well-known and well respected company. To get to the point: I’m super excited because one of my friends is considering joining the business (as we say “Coming over to the Dark side” ;D ) and we’re going to do a little “interview” tonight with her hubby so I can answer any questions they have. I’m really really exited because if she signs up before the end of Feb, she can get her kit ($550 worth of stuff) for $78. I’m soooo excited for her!! Wish us luck that we can win over her husband!


It’s my second 7 Quick Takes edition, featuring TEXAS!


Hopefully my mother never reads this blog, but I will not ever take a trip to see my husband after 2 months with my family tagging along. Jon’s family wasn’t so bad, but ugh, my mother drove me crazy!!
My advice to anyone taking a nice long “vacation”; make sure it’s actually a vacation!



What they say about a man in a uniform? Well it’s true, especially when that man is your husband.



The Texas weather?  Sucked. My second bit of advice about vacations, don’t go to Texas in February. Note previous picture: I was in this picture until I cropped me out. It was raining and freezing while we were waiting for the bus. The bitter look on my face showed my dislike for the weather.


Never ever pass up the opportunity for family pictures. Even if you have them done at Wal-mart. Even if you have to pay $20 for them to Fed-Ex the prints to you because you live 1500 miles away from the photo studio.
And thank the Lord if you have a child that is a photo ham. Really, my son flirted with that photographer like the best heartbreaker you’d ever seen.



I’m back home now and back to work. I love my job, but sometimes, when things don’t go “my way” I get fed up wth my job. But only for a minute 😀 Who can resist smiling at a cutie like this?


And the best part about the whole trip to Texas? Now that my husband has graduated from Basic Training…(drumroll please)…he has phone privilages!! I get to talk to him EVERY evening on the phone. It’s not the same as having him here, and sometimes it’s painful to talk on the phone and not see him, but it’s so wonderful to be able to share my day with him, and hear about his!!

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My son’s first trip to surgery was very eventful!!

All the things that were not there include:
A real hospital or facility
A registered Nurse
A qualified Surgeon
Sterile equipment.

BUT, never fear!! It did have;
A very qualified seamstress
A very excited baby
A overwhelmed mommy
An injured teddy bear
And lots of love!!

We bought a stuffed teddy bear for our son when Jon graduated last week (more news to come about that in the following few posts!). Like many teddy bears, it had a white hook on the back, soley for the purpose of displaying it on a metal pole in the store. I cut the thread that held on the hook so that I could throw it away. Two days later, as my son was playing with this bear, I realized that the back of it’s head was coming apart. The white thread was ALSO the thread that sewed up the back seam of the bear!! Ugh.

Anyway, today I played the humble surgeon/nurse/seamstress/mommy role and sewed up the back of this bear. This task reminded me that I still need  to sew up another stuffed toy of Abel’s, not due to stupid manufacturing, but from lots of love (aka: wear n’ tear).

Here is Mr. Lackie during surgery.

And after!

All better!!

*Please note, the teddy bear with the mask in the first picture is NOT my son’s teddy. It’s just a photo I googled 😀

This is going to be a segment in my blog for at least one Thursday a month. I stole the idea from another blog found here. I’ll blog about thing I love including foods, restaurant, products, books, movies, and things in my life. You never know what it will be, and sometimes neither do I!

BBQ Wings from Applebee'sThis Thursday I LOVE Applebee’s Boneless BBQ Wings. I cannot believe the deliciousness in these little buggers. First off, they’re listed on the menu at Boneless Buffalo Wings and you can order them with Hot, Mild, or BBQ sauce, therefore I call them Boneless BBQ Wings when I order them with BBQ sauce. I usually get these with the 2 for $20 deal (one appetizer, two entrees, $20). The platter comes with 15-20 of these wings, 3 or 4 celery sticks, and Ranch dip. I love this and occasionally order the 2 for $20 and have them put the entrees in a to-go box for my supper for the next 2 days. I just LOVE those wings. Next time you go to Applebee’s TRY these and you’ll be amazed too!

This post is open for comments. I want EVERYONE to tell me what their favorite food from Applebee’s is (If you’ve never been there, don’t fret. Post about your favorite food from a different restaurant, just don’t forget to tell which restaurant it is!) and tell me about your favorite kitchen utensil, gadget, etc.

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