Today was an awful day.

Here’s the story. Today is the first of February. My husband is in Texas for basic training and he left on December 15, 2009. We’ve spoken 3 times since he left. Part of his contract with the Air Force includes a monthly housing allowance that is to be deposited at the same time as his monthly paychecks via direct deposit. This amount is approximately $800. The paperwork, I found out this morning, was never filed. It got filed today. I won’t see any of that money until at least February 15th. I haven’t paid January’s rent or February’s, which is due today.

We took out a loan with the bank last summer to pay Jon’s taxes and now owe the bank a $530 final payment for the loan. It’s due February 10th. His basic paycheck is about $560. That covers the loan, except that leaves me with zip for anything else. Now you’re probably thinking “So what lady? Get a job to pay for anything else you need!” Well folks. I have a job, two of them. And I’m single-handedly raising our currently 5 1/2 month old son. It’s tough, I don’t know how some of you ladies (and some men) can handle single parenting and God bless you for trying. I pray that the state of the United States economy lightens up and I, among billions of others, are able to climb out of the dark holes we’re buried in.

My job pays about $600 a month. It’s sustainable, but doesn’t cover the rent. And I’m supposed to be responsible for paying off the debts we accrued for our wedding (which for the record was NOT a platinum wedding by any means) and taking care of Baby’s expenses. I took a second and much more pleasant and rewarding job with a Direct Selling Company (for contract reasons I cannot state the name of the company) and I started my own business. I earn about $400 a month with that, which is SUPPOSED to be my extra money to save up to buy a car. We live in a tiny town and the closest taxi, bus, insert public transportation here, is over 100 miles away. We have no car. Nothing. I need a car to survive and work. I would love to walk, but when the average daily high is -10* Fahrenheit in the winter month I barely dare to walk out to the dumpster. I get to work via my mom or mother-in-law.

Anyway, the point is it get out my frustrations. Yes, I’m complaining, but honestly, this is my blog. Read it if you want, don’t if you don’t want to.  Heck, comment if you wish.  But I ask that you remain open minded to my situation and not post anything derogative.

If you’re reading this now, you may be in for the most  boring blogger ever, but stick with me. The more I get off my chest, the more I can lighten up and entertain any faithful readers.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow isn’t a bad day. (It shouldn’t be, I’m going to a conference in the Twin Cities!)