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7 Quick takes Friday is Hosted by ConversionDiary.com and many bloggers take part in this. I follow a blog by another woman here in Minnesota and she does this occasionally. It’s my turn. Here it is, Volume 1.


Today is the first day I will not be going to work at my part-time job. I quit, and let me tell you it’s the best thing in the world. Now I don’t have to wake up in the morning feeling like crap because I must face the beast of a supervisor I had.


On the other had, I woke up feeling like crap because I had very little sleep. Little Guy is teething and I have feeling he’s going to cut a tooth within the next week.


This teeth issue could be a real dent in our trip to Texas. We leave on Monday night (very, very late) for our destination; San Antonio, TX! My husband will be graduating from BMT for the Air Force at Lackland AFB. I’m soo excited that I can barely contain myself.

Photo of Jon
Jon’s first day as an Airman








I’m also super excited because my business is BOOMING and all it took was 3 phone calls on each of 3 days. 9 calls and I’m doing great. Here’s inspiration for all you people who are part of a direct selling business. You CAN do it! And those of you that have considered direct selling and are scared that you can’t, you also CAN do it!


I don’t pray as often as I could, so about 2 weeks ago I added one more thing to Abel’s bedtime routine. Eating Time , Bath Time (his favorite part, next to eating), Pajama Time (Yes, this is part of the routine. It includes changing his diaper and putting on his pajamas while he giggles his head off because he finds SOMETHING to be hilarious about his footie pajamas. He’s only 5 months old, I don’t know where he gets it!), and now right between Pajama Time and Crib Time, I’ve added Prayer Time.  I sit next to his crib (which doesn’t have legs, it’s on the floor. Older style, but I like it) and he holds my finger for dear life. We pray for everyone in our life we feel needs a word to God and end with an Our Father. It’s helped me get through my husband’s abesence, my Grandmother’s heart attack (her 5th or 6th in the last 3 years and STILL going strong. She’ll be home again tomorrow I think) and my brother’s stroke (he’s only 21). I think this has become a very valuable time for us and I’m SO glad I implemented it!

Photo of Abel
Ready for bed!








There is one more thing I feel like I haven’t been fulfilling lately and that’s getting my body back in shape. It’s been 5 1/2 months since Abel was born and I’ve still got 20 pounds to go (which when I tell people they look at me like I’m a complete moron and tell me I don’t need to lose it. Trust me, if you saw me unclothed, you’d get it). I’ve been eating a little better and exercising more, but for about a 3 weeks now I’ve been REALLY  slacking on my routine. Yesterday (after the job quitting incident) I decided to turn myself around AGAIN and eat better. I finally did my aerobics video again and my gosh it makes me feel rejuvenated!

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