The conference was AMAZING! I totally got motivated about selling and booking shows! I REALLY wish I could tell my readers about this amazing company but there is a clause in my contract that I cannot mention my personal web site on any other website or mention myself in relation to the company on any other website. I think I’m going to petition that they revise the contract because I think that clause was written like, 10 years ago.

BUT! I would love to share with you! Just email me and I can give you a bit of information. I AM allowed to do that! In fact, my website is in  my email signature!

ANYWAY! My  husband will be graduating in ONE week from basic training. We will leave late Monday night to be in Texas on Wednesday. Graduation activities start on Thursday morning.
I’m going to get my butt movin to write some blog posts to be posted while I’m gone. Obviously some generic but hopefully intriguing posts. And then I’ll do a majorly informative post about my trip when I get back (pictures too!) I cannot wait!

Feelin better today. I quit my part-time job today. I had to. My supervisor was saying some very rude statements and making me work under disgusting conditions. I had to get out. So thats one less paycheck every month, but we are now caught up (I think!) and my business is THRIVING thanks to the conference! I really wish I could send a thank-you note to all the speakers that were there for motivating me! Listen to this. I didn’t book any shows for February because we’ll be gone for a week and I wasn’t thinking straight that I would have nearly 2 weeks left in the month after I get back, and I already have a week in the month before we go SO, I didn’t have anything! I was at the conference and by lunch break I was REALLY motivated to win some of the products, and all I had to do was submit two shows before the 15th SO what I did on my lunch break was made some calls and BEFORE the conference was over I had TWO shows to submit before the 15th and TWO more that I would have later in the month! All catalog shows, but hey! They count too and I need my commission! I’m SOOO excited..

Signing off for now. Prepare for Quick Takes Friday later today.