NOOO, I’m not talking about those ugly jeans that outline the very shape of our legs with the ankles that barely fit over our feet. I’m speaking of true skinny jeans. The ones we wear when we’ve lost our pregnancy weight!!! Abel is currently 5 1/2 months old (6 months on Feb 26) and I’m now back in to my prepregnancy size of jeans!! YAY! I’ve lost 20 pounds since my husband left and I decided to go get some new pants to wear to his graduation. I found some I liked and immediately grabbed the 12 and 10 (Just wishful thinking). I tried on the 10 first, hoping they would fit and they DID!! With room to spare! Now my really wishful thinking came when I took them off and asked my Mom if she would grab and 8 for me, I just wanted to try them. And they fit too!!! I’m soo happy! My last step now is to fit into a size 6 jeans. I wore a 6 before we started trying to get pregnant. It seems in the six months we tried I put on a disgusting 15 pounds. Probably from the stress. Or maybe from the “If I eat for two now…”

Just thought I’d share my happy shopping experience. I’d better get packing to go!!