This is going to be a segment in my blog for at least one Thursday a month. I stole the idea from another blog found here. I’ll blog about thing I love including foods, restaurant, products, books, movies, and things in my life. You never know what it will be, and sometimes neither do I!

BBQ Wings from Applebee'sThis Thursday I LOVE Applebee’s Boneless BBQ Wings. I cannot believe the deliciousness in these little buggers. First off, they’re listed on the menu at Boneless Buffalo Wings and you can order them with Hot, Mild, or BBQ sauce, therefore I call them Boneless BBQ Wings when I order them with BBQ sauce. I usually get these with the 2 for $20 deal (one appetizer, two entrees, $20). The platter comes with 15-20 of these wings, 3 or 4 celery sticks, and Ranch dip. I love this and occasionally order the 2 for $20 and have them put the entrees in a to-go box for my supper for the next 2 days. I just LOVE those wings. Next time you go to Applebee’s TRY these and you’ll be amazed too!

This post is open for comments. I want EVERYONE to tell me what their favorite food from Applebee’s is (If you’ve never been there, don’t fret. Post about your favorite food from a different restaurant, just don’t forget to tell which restaurant it is!) and tell me about your favorite kitchen utensil, gadget, etc.