My son’s first trip to surgery was very eventful!!

All the things that were not there include:
A real hospital or facility
A registered Nurse
A qualified Surgeon
Sterile equipment.

BUT, never fear!! It did have;
A very qualified seamstress
A very excited baby
A overwhelmed mommy
An injured teddy bear
And lots of love!!

We bought a stuffed teddy bear for our son when Jon graduated last week (more news to come about that in the following few posts!). Like many teddy bears, it had a white hook on the back, soley for the purpose of displaying it on a metal pole in the store. I cut the thread that held on the hook so that I could throw it away. Two days later, as my son was playing with this bear, I realized that the back of it’s head was coming apart. The white thread was ALSO the thread that sewed up the back seam of the bear!! Ugh.

Anyway, today I played the humble surgeon/nurse/seamstress/mommy role and sewed up the back of this bear. This task reminded me that I still need  to sew up another stuffed toy of Abel’s, not due to stupid manufacturing, but from lots of love (aka: wear n’ tear).

Here is Mr. Lackie during surgery.

And after!

All better!!

*Please note, the teddy bear with the mask in the first picture is NOT my son’s teddy. It’s just a photo I googled 😀