It’s my second 7 Quick Takes edition, featuring TEXAS!


Hopefully my mother never reads this blog, but I will not ever take a trip to see my husband after 2 months with my family tagging along. Jon’s family wasn’t so bad, but ugh, my mother drove me crazy!!
My advice to anyone taking a nice long “vacation”; make sure it’s actually a vacation!



What they say about a man in a uniform? Well it’s true, especially when that man is your husband.



The Texas weather?  Sucked. My second bit of advice about vacations, don’t go to Texas in February. Note previous picture: I was in this picture until I cropped me out. It was raining and freezing while we were waiting for the bus. The bitter look on my face showed my dislike for the weather.


Never ever pass up the opportunity for family pictures. Even if you have them done at Wal-mart. Even if you have to pay $20 for them to Fed-Ex the prints to you because you live 1500 miles away from the photo studio.
And thank the Lord if you have a child that is a photo ham. Really, my son flirted with that photographer like the best heartbreaker you’d ever seen.



I’m back home now and back to work. I love my job, but sometimes, when things don’t go “my way” I get fed up wth my job. But only for a minute 😀 Who can resist smiling at a cutie like this?


And the best part about the whole trip to Texas? Now that my husband has graduated from Basic Training…(drumroll please)…he has phone privilages!! I get to talk to him EVERY evening on the phone. It’s not the same as having him here, and sometimes it’s painful to talk on the phone and not see him, but it’s so wonderful to be able to share my day with him, and hear about his!!

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