It’s Thursday!!
I just want to talk once again about one of the many things I LOVE.
I want to dedicate this blog to friends. No, not the 90’s sitcom starring a 6 friends in Manhatten. This is to the real true friends we all have and can count on in times of need. Since graduating high school, getting married and having my son, many of my “old” friends have left me behind to pursue a different lifestyle of college, partying, etc. I’ve recently found a really wonderful new group of friends.

I’m a self employed direct sales consultant working with a company that I really love. Along with this company comes an abundance of support. I joined a forum of other consultants originally to use ideas and get advice. I didn’t expect I would make so many friends out of the deal. That $5 has gone a long way. Thank you friends, you know who you are.

Shelby (aka: “Gracie”)

Readers! Again I would love some input. Please comment and tell me how a friend may have touched your life or helped you out when you least expected it.