I hosted a Partylite party at my place last night!! It was soo much fun to have a few girls over and relax!

I recommend, especially being a direct sales consultant, that if you will be doing a house party for a different company choose partylite. Their rewards program is very nice and they sell quality candles.
I can’t wait to choose the free/half price stuff. And since I hosted in February I will be getting a deal for 75 candles for $15. You can’t even get candles that cheap at Wal-Mart, let alone of that quality.

If you need some great candles, check out my consultant’s website. You can actually order from my show if you click “Shop” then right after that, there will be a blue bar that says “Shopping for a Show? If you were invited to one of my Shows and wish to order, look up your host>>”, then you’ll click that link and type in “Shelby Michalek” as the host name. Choose “Shelby M.” from the list and then go shopping!! You can have everything directly shipped to you!!! I would love it if you would help my show out, especially if you need to buy some new candles anyway 😀
My party will be closing on March 3rd, so choosing me as the host will only be available until then.

Here’s the website http://www.partylite.biz/brendajean