I promised a certain post a few days ago and I didn’t do it. It’s drafted as of this current date. It has one sentance. I’m not sure if I’ll actually ever get it done.
Here’s what is going on with me lately.

I’m preparing to move in the near future. I live in Northern Minnesota as pointed out in a previous post. My husband has been moved to Biloxi, MS. Keesler Air Force Base to be exact. He was originally only supposed to be there until mid-May. It’s now looking closer to the end of July. We’ve concluded that for our sanity and the sake of our young son, it would be best for us to relocate to within just a few miles of the base so that Jon will be able to come home for dinner on the weekdays and spend some quality family time with us on the weekends. Our son is at the tender age of almost 7 months old. I encourage to anyone that whenever possible, a father needs to be part of his childrens’ lives. In this case, we can do that. So we will make it happen.

Abel will be 1 year old on August 26, 2010. It’s a remote possiblity that my husband will still be at Keesler Air Force Base in August. He will not miss his son’s first birthday. At least not if I can help it.

So all that is included with moving, especially fast moving (planning for mid/late April) with the date sneaking up on us, is what is causing me to be a slacker with my blog posts. I’m very sorry. In the meantime, any advice about moving to Biloxi/Gulfport Mississippi would be greatly appreciated.