Today is a lazy Sunday. My little monster (as I’ve lovingly dubbed thee) is running around in his walker stirring up every ounce of trouble he can. I’ve been lazing around to the point that I’m getting a headache and I’m starving because I’ve made little effort to provide myself with breakfast.

I have a small bit of wisdom for anyone reading. Don’t plan a move for only 1 month out unless A) You truly must (in my case) move or B) You have at least 4 times as much in the bank account that you’ll think it will cost to move. I’ve come across this bit of advice recently when I checked my bank account and found that we have $0 in our Checking Account, $100 in our Savings Account and it will cost us upwards of $1000 to move. (Including last months rent here and first months rent there) Now maybe I shouldn’t be complaining but as aforementioned in our bank account status, this move will be close to impossible. I don’t believe in credit cards or loans that cannot be paid. Ackk! What am I to do?