Okay, so I know this will be posted on Friday officially. But in my defense, I started writing it on Thursday!! (Okay..I know 11:59 is unfair, but I totally forgot until now!)

This Thursday, I’m totally in love with these AMAZING Twixits!!

First of all. These are really one of my favorite multipurpose tools.

Here’s a few uses:
* Toothpaste squeezer to get the last half of the tube out without squeezing it into an unidentifiable chunk of plastic. I currently have a white one on my Colgate 😉
* Chip/Pretzel Bag Clip. You know you hate stale chips and pretzels. You can also use one of the smaller ones for crackers!
* Clipping your hair up and out of the way in a moment when you can’t find a scrunchie.
* Clipping the bread bag closed when you’ve lost the twist tie. And it’s way quicker!
* Sealing potting soil bags and pet food bags.
* Clamping the umbilical cord when you give birth at home. Yes, I’m serious. View this news video and watch the whole thing. This happened in the last week.

Lebanon County Mother Gives Birth at Home

If you’re interested in buying these, copy and paste this link into your address bar and click “Shop Online” type in Shelby Michalek as the hostess name and search “twixit” in the product search bar! Make sure during shipping you select the “direct shipping” option otherwise they’ll be shipped to me! Note: As complicated as this sounds, it’s not, I promise!