Via another blog that I love to read, I first heard about stumbling. I didn’t think much of it, but I enjoyed reading the links she posted.
Today I was checking out a webpage I liked and right next to the option to “Digg it” I saw an option to “Stumble” and thought…let me check this out! So I stumbled for awhile and this is what I found!

Check out Piano Fun to see how making one simple thing in life a little more interesting can change the way you react with your surroundings.

See this beautiful Photo. I changed my desktop background to this for the time being.

Move you arrow across this picture and see a cool time-elapsed effect.

Some amazing city art.

Another Photo

Make your own Kaleidescope.

More entertaining Art.

Want to know a few ways to Tick People off? Of course you don’t. Just let yourself be entertained and read this.

I just love the pictures of FOOD!

If you find any broken links, please comment to let me know. Hugs to my readers!