So two things have forced me to write this post and ask for help.

1) I watched “No Impact Man.” A documentary about a man in NYC and his wife and young daughter who spent a year (That’s right, 365 days) trying their best to make little/no negative impact on our Mother Earth. One of the first things they did was switch their daughter to cloth diapers. Something I’ve wished I had the mental strength to do since Abel was born and just never did. Aside from mental strength, we’d gotten so many bags of (disposable) diapers as gifts that we went 6 1/2 months without buying diapers.

2) Abel has developed an awful rash due to an increased number of BMs lately. I can deal with the increase in BMs, but the awful rash on my baby’s bottom makes me wonder if using cloth diapers (at least until it’s cleared up) will help him feel better. I got a pack of 12 Gerber Cloth diapers (see pic for reference) from my MIL with the words “Just in case you ever run out [of the disposables] and aren’t able to buy any in time.”

Thanks Momma, now I’ve got them, washed them in the sink with warm water and Johnson’s Baby Wash (I don’t have a washing machine therefore the sink and Baby Wash). I’m letting them air-dry in my dining room on a clothesline strung from the chandelier to the fireplace mantle. (Hey…I don’t have a dryer either!)

I need to ad an EDIT: I’ve been reading reviews of this particular brand/style of diaper that apparently they don’t work well as a diaper. If I could get some honest input on this brand/style as well that would be great.

Anyway, HELP!! What do I do next?? The instructions on the package consist of 3 tiny little pictures and I need help!! Please comment and help me out. What do I do now? Mind you, this is temporary at the moment, I don’t intend on investing my money in a bunch of stuff for 1 week of cloth diapering.  If it turns out we really can deal with this, I may change my mind, but for now.

1 week of cloth diapering. What would you do? Have any tips or tricks? HELP!!??!
If I can get over 10 helpful comments, I will be drawing for a $10 Babies “R” Us Gift Card. I will be using a random number generator to pick the winner. Please don’t comment more than once (unless you honestly forgot to include something) only one comment per person will be included in the drawing. I look forward to your responses!

Gift card drawing will take place on April 7th or when we get 10 comments. Whichever is last 😀

Thanks in advance for all the help!
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