Just a simple thing I love. I was on Savings Angel, a website I like to use to find coupon deals and this was on somebody’s signature line.

“Fighting Store Pricing Crime, One Coupon at a Time”

“I will no longer feel embarrassed for hanging up the check out line for a measly 20 to 60 coupons being scanned. I will feel sorrow for the grumpy people behind me who are insensative to me on what it means to BE FREE of financial grocery bill burdens. In turn I rejoice in knowing I am sharing a blessing by my example and hopfully , they will get it! ”

“Now , get out and shop!”

Be inspired like I was by this! It’s okay to be free of debt. Use your coupons. Every penny you save, is a penny you’ve earned. Throw it in the savings account and see what you’ve got in there a year later.
Consider this post to be the jumpstart to MY financial freedom. Look forward to post detailing my savings using coupons.