This week in Stumbles…

I know I told you the other day that I stumbled. Well, I’ve been doing it every so often and I found out that another blog I love Stumbles as well. She actually has a MckLinky so I can link up this blog post with her post about stumbling!!! Many of the links I’m posting were found through the Stumble Upon website, however a few were referred to me by friends.

So here’s where I stumbled.

A better understanding of “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” I’ll first need to admit that I haven’t explored every inch of this website, it does look like something I’ll be looking into further.

This next one, The Arrow of Time is a bit strange and I didn’t take the time to see the point of it, I did look at the entire thing and it intrigued me enough to earn a spot in “This week in Stumbles”

Ever wonder the difference between men and women? Well…here’s Life Explained by Cliff Pickover

An maybe you didn’t know it, but National Flags Never Tasted This Good!

My friend Carmen posted a link to the Best Band-Aid Packaging Ever on her Facebook page this week and I had to check it out.

And for all you couponers, here’s a link to a (yes legitimate) coupon for $1.00 off Dial Nutriskin Bodywash at Target Stores. Print it as many times as you like, but know that you can only use one per transaction.

Where do you stumble? If you blog about your favorite links, go ahead and link up to Saturday Stumbles by Mandi.