So I was trying VERY hard to find a top ten to post for you guys today and I couldn’t think of anything witty to say. BUT when I was making a list of things I still need to pack for our move to Mississippi which has become quite pointless because we’ll move there on April 16th and then at the end of June we’ll move to Nebraska…but that’s not the point.

Here’s my list so far of things to pack.

1) Abel’s clothes for the next 8 months. Many of these are already in a totes marked 9-12 mos and 12-18 mos.

2) My clothes. I have a feeling this will be a small box as most of my clothes are so OLD they need to be thrown away! The worst is though, is it cheaper to pack/transport clothes that are falling apart or just buy new ones. I think we all know the answer.

3) Jon’s clothes. Yes, he does have some clothes in Mississippi where he’s living and it’s true that he won’t even be living WITH us in MS, but at least once a week since he’s been there he begs me to send some “civies” and now I won’t have to!

4) Pots and Pans…and pie plates…and woks….you get the idea. Since we moved into a furnished etc. apartment here, I can pack this stuff up right away and just unbox and use the stuff that was here when we got here.

5) Silverware, knife blocks, etc. Also, I’ll just use what was already here.

6) Pictures and other things that are on walls/shelves around here. Also known as: Sentimentals.

7) Blankets. And also, a note to pack away the millions of extra blankets of Abel’s to just store here in MN until this fall.

8 ) Pantry items I won’t be using. I’m sure I’ll pack at least a few boxes even after I’ve given away several things to the food shelf here.

9) My cookbooks. I’m sorry babies, but I need to pack you away. I promise I’ll let you see the light of day, or at least the new kitchen, as soon as we arrive.

10) My glassware. Oh I dread packing this for fear of breaking. I don’t have a lot of glassware, but my lovely pink martini glasses MUST make the trip or I’ll cry!!!

Sorry this was such a boring list. Please forgive me and check out more [exciting] Top Tens at Oh Amanda.