I’m not really loving very much right now. Yesterday I made a trip to town, and as some may know there are two things that are usually involved in taking a trip to town.
1) My mother goes with 99% of the time and she drives.
2) “Town” is about 50 miles away because I live in the middle of nowhere as I’ve lovinly dubbed this “village” I live in.

My trip was icky in so many ways. My 21 year old brother came along because he had an eye doctor appointment. He ruined the whole trip because of his um…for lack of a better “clean” word to use…jerk-ness. It was miserable. As I said, I’m not really loving much right now. I also found out today that my 89 year old grandmother is in the hospital AGAIN for the zillionth time in the last 6 years and although each time she goes it and the doctor says she won’t make it to (her next birthday, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, the end of summer…whatever season it happens to be) she always pulls through growing weaker and weaker. Well, this time it’s looking quite grim. That made my life a little less loveable as well.

However, for fear of annoying my readers by posting ANOTHER coupon post I contemplated not writing a TILT post this week. But I so wanted to. I’m meeting so many great people through these linky days and I’ve read so many wonderful blogs. So I’m going to share my coupon story because it really brought light to my awful shopping trip. For starters, I want to tell you that I saved $13.59 cents and spent $20.77. I think I did pretty good. Here’s what I bought.

My first stop was Walmart to do a price check on the Gerber food ($1.20 a pack) and get a deal on some Rollbacks. I used no coupons but this is what I bought.

Angel Soft Bath Tissue
Copy Paper
2 Pk Baskets (These WERE on my list even though I had never seen them. I needed something for sorting cleaning supplies)

$8.73 before tax. Paid Cash.

Target was a different story. I went there with intentions.

*Baby food was on sale for $0.89 a pack. I had 3 coupons (2 $1 off 4, 1 $0.75 off 3). Making them another $0.25 off each. This baby food at regular price is $1.25. Total saved per pack: $0.61. This made me SO happy.

*Dial soap. I went in with two coupons for each bottle. $1/1 Target store coupon (limit one per transaction) and $1/1 Manufacturer Coupon. I know the regular price on these is $4.99. I expected to save just $2 on each and spend $2.99 each. Just my luck, an unadvertized price cut of $1!! I saved $3 on each and spent only $1.99 on these. ($2.20 after tax) The first transaction I used my debit card (Baby food and 1 bottle soap) $9.03 before tax and paid cash on the second $1.99 before tax. Overall it was a great shopping trip.

Saving money is one of the few things I love this Thursday.

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I would like to make a note that I LOVE my family, darlings I’m not forgetting you, it’s just inevitable that I love you. Someday I’ll dedicate this to you. Someday.