I’ve never used coupons “religiously”  before but I know I would like to. My husband and I have figured out that we need to cut $50 a month from our grocery budget. I’m giving myself until June to make this a reality and I’m starting slow. Because with coupons, I’ve found that it’s hard not to start slow. Like I said, I’ve never done this before so it’s new to me. However, my recent savings of $4.95 made me SOO happy. I blogged about it here with the promise of showing you what our change jar looks like. So I’m keeping my promise.
First I want to show you my savings. Like I said…this made me incredibly happy.

Okay. So the deal we made was that every extra cent I save using coupons would be put in our coin jar to be saved “for a rainy day.” If we don’t experience a “rainy day” within one year, we would decide as a family (or rather, a couple since our son isn’t capable of making many decisions on his own, but in a year…who knows?) what we would use it for. Be it a vacation, big item, etc. I also threw in the clause that after counting our savings at the end of that year, we would put 1/2 of it into a High Interest CD or Savings Bond. We do intend on sending our children to college or at least buying a home in the Florida Keys after they move out.

One more thing before the big reveal, I must ask you to withhold from laughter if you can. Our coin jar is not quite a jar. And it’s something my husband got as a gift in his teens (his sister got one too) and it really is (really!) meant to be a piggybank so I promise we didn’t just decide to use it as one, it really is one.

Without further ado. Our savings jar.

That’s right. It’s a jumbo Budweiser bottle. Please note: It never contained any alcoholic beverage. I promise. 

One more thing before I sign out for the day. I’m getting a bunch of incredible deals through a website called SavingsAngel. I’ve looked at my next shopping list and on the first 4 items on my list I will spend approximately $19 on $29 worth of products. That’s right. Next time, I’ll save at least (more, I’m sure once I get the rest of my list done) $10 on my next shopping trip. I can’t wait!! So check out Savings Angel and cut your grocery bill in half! I must let you know, that if you sign up using that link, I will get a little bit of credit, but I promise you, once you start using Savings Angel, you’ll want to refer it to your friends too (and you’ll also get credit!!)